A student and faculty member look at a book in a bookstore while on a research trip to Tanzania.

Planning to apply

Your graduate education will be a complex and rewarding journey — and it starts with a few key actions. Use our index of graduate programs to begin taking the following steps to admission.

Graduate program index

Identify your discipline

Whether you’re looking to continue in a field or pursue new areas, you’ll choose from hundreds of degree programs and over 100 graduate departments. The program index is the perfect way to start your search.
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Know deadlines and requirements

When is my application due? Do I need references or test scores? Every program comes with its own requirements. Once you’ve identified what you’d like to study, use the program index to see what’s needed. Then, explore KU’s general application requirements.
Students sit in class, looking at the professor and listening.

Reach out to the right people

As a graduate student, you’ll build close relationships with mentors and faculty. Making those connections early in the process won’t just help you choose a graduate path — it could get you ahead on one. Reach out to your program’s contact listed in the index, or start acquainting yourself with KU’s outstanding faculty.
Professor Alice Bean works with KU students in her particle physics lab.

Get started

Squared away these steps and ready to apply? You can start your application process right now.